Our Projects

Enabling communities to live happy, healthy lives within the natural limits of our planet

We want to make sure everyone in our area has a place to go for conversation and a cup of tea/coffee if and when you need it. Each Place of Welcome is open to everyone and offers:


  • Friendship and hospitality;
  • Regular opening at the same time each week;
  • Free refreshments;
  • Local knowledge about the neighbourhood.

Our Community Gardens regenerate spaces by following organic and permaculture principles to create sustainable, resilient and beautiful therapeutic  gardens.


We demonstrates a model for sustainable livelihood – that is, to make a living without damaging the health of the environment, the community or the individual.

We do this by our demonstration sites, courses, gardening groups and events.

The Good Grace Foundation is focused on providing Education, Housing, Work and Rehabilitation. Working with a range of communities in Kenya, supporting agricultural projects designed to support a sustainable living.


We have partnered with host agencies to deliver training to disadvantaged groups as well as delivering our own training directly online.